Perennial Garden Winchmore Hill

The Brief

Our client’s vision was clear: they wanted a vibrant garden oasis filled with lush greenery and colours. They also had a special request—an ancient Olive tree, majestic and full of character, to be prominently featured in the garden.

We transformed the sloped garden using oak sleepers to create raised terraces for colorful perennial borders. The plants were carefully selected to ensure year-round interest.

A central pathway, made from reclaimed York stone stepping stones, guided visitors through sunny and shaded areas. We added a bench along the path for relaxation.

This project turned the space into a vibrant garden offering a peaceful retreat where our clients can enjoy nature’s beauty.




Winchmore Hill, N21, London


350 Square metres


This garden features vibrant perennial borders, ancient Olive tree, oak sleeper planting beds, a central pathway with reclaimed York stone stepping stones, and a relaxing bench.

What We Did

We transformed the garden into a captivating space with vibrant perennial borders that change throughout the year. Using the natural slope, we created raised beds and terraces with oak sleepers. A central reclaimed York stone pathway guides you through sunny and shady borders, with a bench for relaxation.

Central to the design was the creation of vibrant perennial borders that would provide a riot of colors and textures throughout the year. We carefully selected perennial plants known for their longevity and varying bloom periods to ensure year-round interest.