Modern Low Maintenance Garden Mill Hill

The Brief

The clients, a young couple, had a clear vision: an ultra-modern garden. Every detail mattered, from stone selection to garden features and plants. They actively participated in the decision-making process, which we greatly appreciated. Their garden also needed to be dog-friendly – although we’re still unsure how many furry friends they have!

The garden includes a spacious patio with comfortable, chunky furniture for hosting family and friends. Additionally, there’s a smaller patio by the living room. We carefully selected plants that bloom at different times, ensuring year-round beauty.

The highlight of the garden is a stainless steel water feature that acts like a mirror, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design.




Mill Hill, NW7, London


180 square metres


The garden features in this design include a spacious patio with comfortable furniture, a smaller patio by the living room, raised concrete planting beds, carefully selected plants for year-round beauty, and a stainless steel water feature for added elegance. Garden lighting to enhance both the aesthetic and functionality of the space.

What We Did

The clients received a visually stunning, dog-friendly ultra-modern garden with year-round beauty, functionality for gatherings, and enhanced evening ambiance through strategic lighting. Our design successfully resolved the challenge of blending aesthetics and practicality, providing the clients with a beautiful outdoor oasis that met their vision and accommodated their furry friends.

We were proud to work with such enthusiastic pet parents and make a dog-friendly garden that would make sure everyone could enjoy the family fun outside. It was a true joy to work on this exciting space.