Small Family Garden Islington

The Brief

This small city garden nestled among Islington’s terrace houses was a blank canvas awaiting transformation. Our client, a busy lady, sought to extend her living space into the outdoors.

We elevated the garden with a raised composite decking platform, creating a modern and comfortable area for relaxation. A floating L-shaped bench seamlessly integrated into the design provided ample seating.

Around the decking, raised planting beds featured a mix of grasses, evergreen shrubs, and perennials, ensuring year-round appeal. Pleached trees along the edges added privacy and softened up the space.

Cedar horizontal slats discreetly covered an unsightly wall, while a striking tree fern became the garden’s focal point. Subtle garden lighting enhanced the ambiance, making this retreat perfect for both day and night.




Islington, London


60 square metres


This garden design includes a raised decking area with an integrated bench for relaxation. Surrounding the decking, there are raised planting beds and pleached trees, along with cedar slats to conceal a wall, creating a serene and private outdoor space.

What We Did

In this garden, we created a welcoming outdoor space by installing a raised decking platform with integrated seating. Additionally, we designed raised planting beds, added pleached trees, and incorporated cedar slats to ensure privacy and enhance the overall aesthetics.

This garden design seamlessly extends the living space of the house, creating an outdoor oasis that feels like a natural extension of the home. It’s a tranquil retreat where indoor comfort seamlessly transitions into the open air.