Traditional Front Garden Muswell Hill

The Brief

Our clients were a busy professional couple who wanted a colourful, fragrant garden but with a good evergreen presence for year round interest and a modern driveway with drainage within the boundaries. 

We installed the driveway incorporating a drainage channel and underground soakaways for the water runoff with slatted trellis to screen one side and planted a border of white lavender to the other to separate the main planting. Within the planted area we created a narrow path to maximise the planting area using paving to match the driveway and create two main beds.




Muwell Hill, N12, London


100 square metres


We transformed the garden for a busy professional couple, adding a modern driveway with drainage, white lavender borders, a central square filled with sun-loving perennials, fragrant climbers along a brick wall, and a cozy bench area at the corner.

What We Did

A traditional central small square was bordered by Buxus with a central Acer and filled with a variety of sun loving perennials to give a variety of height and seasonal flowering. To the existing brick wall opposite the lavender bed, a narrow bed was formed and was planted with evergreen fragrant climbers supported by climber wires, underplanted with low soft overflowing evergreens and perennials.

Front garden Muswell Hill

To the front of the garden an evergreen hedge of Griselinia littoralis was separated by a low white wall in front of which were planted colourful shade lovers. To the rear and one side of the garden we created space for a bench to sit and enjoy the front garden.