Small Modern Urban Garden Harringey

The Brief

We had the privilege of undertaking a complete revamp of a small garden for a young Italian family with a little baby. Their vision was to create an extension of their home—a place where they could cook, spend quality time with their family and friends, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

To fulfil their desires, we designed a garden that seamlessly blended functionality with a welcoming ambiance. The space was carefully crafted to provide various sitting areas where they could relax and appreciate the garden.

These areas were strategically placed to optimise enjoyment of different views and to create additional living spaces.




Harringay, N4 1AX


80 sqm


This garden boasts hardwood decking with a floating bench, a bespoke outdoor kitchen, raised beds, sleek black-painted fences, horizontal cedar fence cladding, ambient garden lighting, and a stylish awning above the porcelain patio.

What We Did

What we did in this garden was to create a seamless outdoor extension of their home. We designed and crafted multiple inviting seating areas, strategically positioned to provide diverse views and extend their living spaces. This transformation allows the family to cook, spend quality time together, and entertain friends amidst the natural beauty of their garden.

The result is a garden that serves as an extension of our clients home—a sanctuary where they can cook, connect with loved ones, and bask in the beauty of nature. It brings joy and fulfillment to the family, providing them with a cherished outdoor haven that truly enhances their lifestyle.