Large Family Garden Whetstone

The Brief

We took on the challenge of transforming a neglected outdoor space into a fantastic family garden for a busy family of parents and three lively teenagers. Originally, the garden was overgrown without character and no space for entertaining, featuring uncomfortable access.

The family’s wish was for a space where the teenagers could play, have friends over, and where the whole family could gather safely. Our goal was to create a family-friendly garden that combined practicality with style.

Our mission was successful. We turned the uninviting space into a warm and welcoming family garden where the teenagers could play, friends could hang out, and the family could enjoy special moments. We divided the garden into three levels to make the most of the terrain and meet the family’s needs. This allowed us to create a stylish, secure, and fun space for all their activities.




Whetstone, N20, London


360 square metres


This garden combines durable composite decking, modern porcelain paving, an oak pergola for charm, pleached trees ensuring privacy, a sunken trampoline for fun, large playground area with artificial grass and a football goal, vibrant perennial borders, and a charming stone sink turned water feature, creating a harmonious and captivating outdoor space.

garden pergola
family garden, north london

What We Did

In this garden, we turned an initially uninviting, overgrown space with no room for entertainment and uncomfortable access into a welcoming and functional outdoor oasis. We accomplished this by creating multiple distinctive sitting areas, each with its unique character. Now, the family can gather, enjoy coffee breaks outside, and appreciate the garden’s beauty with plenty of space.

large family garden

We made significant changes to the garden by dividing it into into three distinct levels to effectively address its varying terrain and needs. This allowed us to create a stylish, safe, and fun space where kids could play, friends could hang out, and family gatherings could happen smoothly.