Small Contemporary Garden East Finchley

The Brief

We were presented with the exciting opportunity to design and transform a difficult garden located on a sloping terrain in the heart of East Finchley, London. The garden had been rarely unused due to its challenging access and lack of comfortable pathways.

Our goal was to create a modern and accessible garden design that not only provided ease of movement but also evoked a sense of exotic tranquility, reminiscent of a lush jungle.

The design incorporated thoughtful lighting and two distinctive sitting areas—a cozy space by the house with a floating bench and a lounge area on top of the garden —connected by a set of comfortable stairs and platforms.




East Finchley, N2


80 sqm


The garden design incorporated composite decking pathways and stairs, porcelain patio, a floating bench for a modern touch, bespoke Red Cedar fences, exotic plants for a lush atmosphere, and thoughtful lighting design. These features were carefully integrated to create a modern, accessible, and exotic garden design.

Contemporary garden, HAY chair

What We Did

We transformed a challenging garden on a sloping terrain  by creating a modern and accessible space for our client. This involved installing a porcelain patio, comfortable pathways, a floating bench, exotic plants, and thoughtful lighting. The client now enjoys a low-maintenance outdoor living area that is both beautiful and tranquil.
Garden floating bench, composite decking

We achieved a contemporary aesthetic by utilizing large porcelain tiles for the patio and durable composite decking. These materials not only provide a sleek and modern look but also require minimal upkeep. Our client now enjoys a stylish and low-maintenance outdoor space that will remain beautiful for years to come.