Rooftop Garden Angel

The Brief

It’s a rooftop garden situated atop the flat block by the canal in Angel. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of London. The location is both windy and sunny, making it ideal for a variety of plants that attract pollinators, including beautiful flowers and two olive trees.

We’ve added a modern touch by cladding the planters with cedar battens, enhancing the overall aesthetics. The new arrangement transforms the rooftop terrace into a green oasis, which can also be enjoyed from inside the flat. To ensure the health of the plants, we’ve installed an irrigation system and added lighting, including a few spotlights to illuminate the garden at night.




Angel, N1, London


70 square metres


The garden features on this rooftop include a diverse of plants, modern cedar-clad planters, climbers on the flat wall, an irrigation system, and integrated lighting, all of which combine to create a green oasis with a scenic view of London that can be enjoyed from both inside the flat and the rooftop terrace.

What We Did

We transformed this rooftop space into a vibrant urban garden oasis, seamlessly blending modern elegance with the beauty of nature and offering breathtaking views of Angel Canal and the London skyline.

We elevated a plain rooftop into an urban garden gem, where modernity meets nature against the backdrop of Angel Canal and London’s vibrant skyline. Cedar battens soften up the concrete and cold surfaces, infusing warmth and a natural aesthetic. In the summertime, vibrant blooms create a colorful oasis, supporting a thriving habitat for pollinators.